Bentley Fencing offers a wide range of products to meet varying construction needs in a sustainable manner to the Builders Merchant and Construction sectors. We provide a range of high quality products including high quality wooden fencing, metal fencing, general building aggregates in addition to decorative aggregates 

Bentley Fencing can handle any construction project with an array of vehicles and a network of partners.

Among Bentley Fencing’s diverse customer base are both builders merchants and construction companies.

We can provide our customers with premium aggregates upon request as specialists in quality aggregates for the construction industry. 

Our team’s dedication and expertise are backed by our well-established infrastructure, making us a sought-after partner.

In addition to providing our customers and business partners with high-quality aggregate material, Bentley Fencing also offers ready-mixed concrete, crushed rock, sand, and gravel.  

Neither our competitive pricing nor the quality of our construction materials and connections can be beaten by any other local company. 

Commonly used materials include sand, crushed stone, gravel (pebbles), boiler ashes, shale, and clay, as well as broken blast-furnace slag. 

Bentley Fencing also provides fine aggregate, in the form of crushed slag screenings, crushed stone, and sand. 

Among coarse aggregates are gravel and broken stone fragments. It is used for larger structural work, such as thin concrete slabs or other structural members with a smooth surface, while fine aggregate is used for structural concrete.

Choose Bentley fencing as your number one provider of aggregates within Essex and the surrounding areas. 

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