Railway Sleepers Essex

Look no further if you’re searching for new landscaping sleepers. Bentley Fencing carries a large stock of new sleepers and delivers them throughout Essex and beyond. We offer a quality product at an extremely competitive price.

Our company distributes sleepers throughout Essex, selling unit after unit every year. We now deal directly with the public and garden centers as well as landscapers.

Your sleepers will be offloaded onto your drive or to your front garden by a team of delivery drivers.

We offer a range of sleepers, including landscaping railway sleepers, garden sleepers, hardwood railway sleepers and softwood railway sleepers. 

No matter which type of landscaping project you or your company is undertaking, our railway sleepers are perfect for creating brick or stone structures with retaining walls. Our sleepers are also perfect for creating idyllic raised beds in your garden. 

If you wish to create your own utopic oasis withing your own garden, then our railway sleepers are second to none in terms of both quality and durability. As everything that we sell is sourced in house, we are able to cut costs to allow our end customer to enjoy the savings which that create. 

Bentley Fencing is your one stop shop for all of your fencing needs, including classic wooden fences, modern metal fencing and railway sleepers, among a whole range of other landscaping and household garden products. 

If you’re looking for only the best in fencing and landscaping, then bentley fencing is without a doubt the place for you. Look no further than us for your railway sleepeprs and general fencing needs. 

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