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Trellis Panels Essex

Searching for the perfect place to buy expertly crafted garden trellis? Bentley Fencing Supplies offers high quality trellis products for competitive prices.

Bentley Fencing Supplies is proud to be the leading supplier of fencing solutions for commercial and residential fences and trellis all over Essex. We help with every step of the process, from measurements to helping you choose the right type of fence for you. Our garden trellis products are renowned for being study, pretty, and for adding a touch of class to any existing fence.

Garden Fence Trellis Panels in Multiple Size Options

Our garden trellis are made from real wood and come in a number of sizes. These durable garden trellis panels start from 1ft by 6ft tall sections but goes all the way up to 6ft by 6ft. We also offer a choice between 4 inch squared trellis panels and 2 inch squared trellis panels. Our artisan worthy trellis panels come in sizes:

With so many options in well-made garden trellis panels in stock, there is no reason why Bentley Fencing shouldn’t be your first stop in Essex for a garden trellis.


What is a Trellis Used For?

A garden trellis goes on top of your existing fence panel. It can be laid over a fence panel, on a wall, or even on the side of a wooden shed. Once pinned into place, a garden trellis allows you to grow climbing plants, or hang multiple plant pots on the same incline. They make plain garden fences look prettier while also allowing your garden to grow upwards.


Can I put a Trellis on Top of my Garden Fence?

You can put a trellis on top of your garden fence, but that is not your only option. A trellis looks good pushed flat against the side of your house, garage, or shed. It can disguise old coal bunkers, make an old, dilapidated fence look better, or decorate any garden walls you may have.


Other Fencing Products from Essex’ Favourite Supplier

We don’t just offer business and residential customers trellis options for their fence. Bentley Fencing Supplies Ltd also sell the fences themselves. We can provide landscaping services to further enhance your outdoor area. We provide news and articles which offer advice on products, and we have a gallery of recent projects you can browse for inspiration.

Superior Crafted Garden Trellis Solutions Throughout Essex

Here at Bentley Fencing, we have sold excellent quality garden trellis products to the people of Essex. Our trellises belong in gardens all over Essex, including the areas of Clacton-on-Sea | Chelmsford | Colchester | Braintree | Billericay | and beyond.